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Vintage Safety Razor - Vintage Gillette Adjustable Butterfly

Vintage Safety Razor - Vintage Gillette Adjustable Butterfly

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Get a close and comfortable shave with our Vintage Gillette Adjustable Butterfly Safety Razor. This classic grooming tool is perfect for those who want an old school, traditional shaving experience. The butterfly design allows for easy blade replacement, so you can always have a fresh and sharp blade ready to go. The cutting head can be raised or lowered by turning the knob or handle to create a larger or smaller blade gap - allowing for adjustable aggressiveness.

The vintage aesthetic adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to your grooming routine. The durable construction ensures that this razor can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Whether you're a seasoned wet shaver or just looking to try something new, this vintage Gillette butterfly safety razor is an excellent choice. With its timeless design and superior performance, it's sure to become a favorite in your grooming kit.

Made in USA.

72 gram weight. 

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